Train Times Are Changing

Please note that railway timetables are changing on Sunday 15th May, including additional services on the Avocet Line. Click here to see the new timetable for our line.

As well as restoring the service to pre-pandemic levels, the new timetable gives the Avocet Line a half-hourly service throughout the evening until 2200, with a couple of later trains as well. This follows a request from ALRUG a couple of years ago to deal with the poor evening connections between trains from London and elsewhere in the country with trains to Exmouth. This often meant people had a long wait in Exeter for the next service.

The additional trains mean the Exmouth line now has 36 trains each way on weekdays – the best service it has ever had.  This will also be a great improvement for people wanting a night out in Exeter

For further information about new timetables on the GWR network, visit the GWR website.

If you are travelling from Sunday onwards, please check your journey before you travel.

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